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Effect of Fe on the nature of OH-defects in olivine

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Type = Conference or Workshop Item
Effect of Fe on the nature of OH-defects in olivine
Ingrin, Jannick
Blanchard, Marc
Balan, Etienne
Kovács, István János
QD05 Crystallography / kristálytan
QD06 Mineralogy / ásványtan
Tartalmi leírás:
OH-defects involved in the storage of hydrogen in mantle
olivine remain poorly identified. This greatly impairs our
ability to quantify the water content of the Earth?s upper
mantle. Significant progresses have been achieved in the
identification of OH-defects through the study of the Mg endmember
forsterite [1-3]. However, it is not the case for olivine
for which, the assignment of several key OH FTIR bands
remains unclear. We report here the results of a detailed
infrared study of these OH bands in natural olivines, between -
194°C and 50°C, and results from a numerical simulation of
OH spectra in Fe-doped forsterite. We focused on OH bands in
three frequency domains: around 3200 cm-1, between 3300-
3400 cm-1 and at 3600 cm-1. We highlight the respective role of
Fe3+ and Fe2+ on the frequency and occurrence of these bands
and discuss the implications for the storage of water in olivines
of the lithospheric mantle.
Conference or Workshop Item
Ingrin, Jannick and Blanchard, Marc and Balan, Etienne and Kovács, István János (2015) Effect of Fe on the nature of OH-defects in olivine. In: Goldschmidt 2015, 16?21 Aug 2015., Prague.