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3D Visualization of a Case-Based Distance Model

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3D Visualization of a Case-Based Distance Model
Szalkai, István
Kovács, Zoltán
Volf, Péter
HB Economic Theory / közgazdaságtudomány
Tartalmi leírás:
Regarding to the conveyance of materials the assignment of
stock-keeping units (SKUs) is one of the most important tasks in
a warehouse. The units in the interest of their easier handling
can be sorted into groups. To classifying SKUs the most
frequently used method is the ABC analysis. The traditional
approach implements a simplified scheme, which is mostly based
on annual dollar usage. Classifying units according to one
characteristic can lead to rushed result, because the assignment
of stock-keeping units might be influenced by other factors,
like number of orders, weight or lead time. In recent years a
number of decision models have been developed in order to make
it possible to consider more than one criterion in the same
time. In general, in the case of representing a model the
introduction of the algorithm is more preferable than the
visualization of data. However the visualization of results can
relieve the comprehension of the given problem and the way, how
the model works, even in relation to sorting problems. The aim
of this research is to introduce a plotting method which
visualizes the results coming from the Case-based distance model
developed by Chen, Kilgour and Hipel. This method stregthens the
classification by providing separating nonlinear surfaces.
Keywords: Case-based Distance Model, Inventory Management,
Szalkai, István and Kovács, Zoltán and Volf, Péter (2011) 3D Visualization of a Case-Based Distance Model. PROBLEMS OF MANAGEMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY, 2011. pp. 182-197. ISSN 2029-6932